Walking and Cycling

Close to home. Along the tow path

Only 700 meters from La Tarais you will find the GR34C (a section of the grand randonne 34 – see below) This tow path will take you to Dinan and eventually Dinard or St. Malo or Evran.   There is no limit to the miles you can cover and the beautiful villages you will pass along the way.

From La Tarais to Dinan by bike (see Dinan Bike Hire) would take about 30 minutes at a leisurely pace (1hr walking). The path is shady, quiet and cool. When you come to the tiny picturesque village of Lehon you cross the stone bridge and continue along the path to the old port at Dinan the old port has numerous bars and restaurants so you can take a break before you continue your journey along the river and the Rance Valley toward St. Malo.

In the other direction the path will take you to the small village of Evran where you can either take a detour around the Lac de Betineuc, which has a lovely flat cycle path all around it and a small sandy beach for children to play on (see photo’s) or you can continue on through Evran where there are 2 bars and 2 restaurants to choose from before you continue towards Hede and the eleven locks.

Grand Randonne – Hiking in Brittany

As in most countries hiking trails are numerous in France and are called “Les Grands Randonnes (GR for short)” Brittany has one of the most frequented and challenging of these Grand Randonnes, called the GR34 which is over 2,000 km long and takes weeks to complete. This “Grand Randonne nr. 34” is the ancient “Sentier des Douanniers” “Customs officers paths” which were used in a futile attempt to stop the smuggling of contreband in the days of old. The path will take you the distance along the coast from “Le Mont St. Michel” past the Pink Granit Coast ” (Le Cote Granite Rose) and right around the Breton Peninsular to Vannes in the south.

If you are a keen walker, it’s definately worth doing some sections of the GR34 whilst you are here in Brittany. I would suggest the Pink Granit Rose Coast or Cap D’Erquy, Fort la Latte and Cap Frehel. Closer to home, Lanciaux, St. Briac sur Mer, St. Lunaire or St. Malo, Point du Grouin and Cancale.

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