Ice Skating

Name: Le Blizz Patinoire
Area: Rennes
Distance from La Tarais Gites: 40 minutes by car
Approximate Entrance Fee: €7.70 adults and €6.60 for children including skate hire and no time limit
Notes: Open: All Year – between 10am and 6pm
On site facilities: Large adult rink and a good size rink for children

This ice skating rink near Rennes is great value for money. We arrived at and were surprised to find that we had unlimited time on the rink and boot hire was included in the price. The rink was not too busy and the children were able to gain some confidence on the children and toddlers rink. They also provided a kind of skating push chair which was supplied for free for toddlers.

There are lockers inside the rink area for valuables so we were able to smuggle in some water a small snack to keep our energy levels up. Water is a must as we all got very thirsty for some reason. There is also a nice bar area accessible from the rink so that you can take a rest before continuing on your skating career or bottom..

Both the adult and children’s rinks are kept in good shape with regular cleaning and smoothing. The rink stays open until late so it’s fun for an adult night out too.


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