Antiques and Bargain Hunting

Antiques and bargain hunting in Brittany

Rustic from the outside but an enormous Aladdin's cave inside.

If you’re the type of person who just can’t help having a rummage, you might enjoy some of the car boot sales that take place in the local area all year round.

Whilst driving about, look out for small posters advertising the following:

“Marche aux Puces” – Flea Market
“Vide Grenier” – literally ‘Attic Emptying’ the equivalent of a Car Boot Sale
“Foire à la brocante” – Second Hand Fare – (fixed venue: 1st Sunday of every month in Dinard.)
“Braderie” “Bric-a-brac” – A bit of a Jumble Sale but fun nevertheless.

You could also try visiting some of the second hand or antiques shops in the area. A lot of these places which are referred to as “DEPOT-VENT”, “TROC”, “ANTIQUITES”, “GALLERIE D’OCCASSION”, “BROCANTE” are large warehouses where people put their second hand furniture and other goods up for sale. The warehouse owner charges quite a substantial fee to the seller, sometimes up to 15% so you have to know your prices and the value of things to get a good bargain.

If you’re looking for salvage, reclaimed building materials for the home or garden whilst you are in Brittany. There is a good reclamation yard close to Rennes where you might find some exciting, very French style pieces to show off when you get back home. The reclamation yard that we have used in the past is called ‘Matériaux d’Antan’, only because it is the closest, but there are many around the Rennes area still to be discovered.

If you are preparing a visit specially to find that all important object, let me know and I will do a google search on the French web where the more local businesses are advertised. Performing a search from outside the local area will return results who’s marketing is directed to foreigners and you might find yourself paying premium prices.

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